Level 3 Blended Paediatric First Aid Course

6 Hours E-Learning & 6 Hours Practical Training In Our Centre.
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Course Overview

Our Blended Full Paediatric First Aid course is a combination of practical training and eLearning, which can be completed in one day. The course is designed to meet the requirements for OFSTED registration, CSSIW, and Scottish Early Years.

The course includes 6 hours of practical, trainer-led training and 6 hours of at-home eLearning, which must be completed prior to the practical day. The eLearning module is web-based, interactive, and user-friendly, and can be accessed multiple times on any device. The practical training day provides learners with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to act effectively during paediatric emergencies, and is EYFS compliant.

We are proud to announce that our Blended Full Paediatric First Aid course meets the full guidance of the Department of Education’s new EYFS Framework, which comes into effect on 1st September 2021. The course covers all elements of the Emergency Paediatric Course during the trainer-led practical day, and our eLearning module contains only the additional content required to gain the Full Paediatric First Aid Qualification.

This course is suitable for anyone caring for or working with babies through to young adults, and is equivalent to a Level 3 Full Paediatric First Aid course. The practical training day is led by professional, dynamic, and experienced trainers, and covers a range of topics, including assessing an emergency situation, unresponsive casualties, choking, head injuries, seizures, burns, and more.

Upon completion of the course, learners will receive a fully certified qualification that is valid for three years.

The course is suitable for both new and experienced first aiders, and covers all the necessary roles and responsibilities of a first aider.

This Course Runs From 9:00 - 16:00.

Our Blended Paediatric First Aid Training covers the following subjects:

  1. Roles & Responsibilities of the First Aider
  2. Assessing an Emergency Situation & Prioritising Action
  3. Unresponsive Casualty (Not Breathing) – Infant & Child
  4. Unresponsive Casualty (Breathing) – Infant & Child
  5. Choking – Infant & Child
  6. Head Injuries
  7. Seizures
  8. Burns, Bleeds & Shock
  9. Anaphylaxis
  10. Asthma
  11. Croup
  12. Bites & Stings
  13. Suspected Fracture
  14. Neck or Back Injuries
  15. Burns & Scalds
  16. Diabetes
  17. Meningitis
  18. Minor Injuries
  19. Fevers
  20. Poisons
  21. Electric Shock
  22. Drowning
  23. Extreme Temperatures

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We guarantee the best value first aid at work courses in Liverpool. we promise to price match any like for like course.

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Course Type

Our first aid courses are available either as public courses or on-site courses for groups of up to 12 people. on-site courses are priced at £495 per day and include training manuals and certification.

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On completion of your course you will receive an industry recognised certificate from the first aid industry board (FAIB).

FAIB Accredited First Aid Courses

The First Aid Industry Body (FAIB) is a leading first aid training accreditation body. Their courses are recognised by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE). Our first aid at work courses are accredited by the FAIB.

FOFATO Members

The Federation of First Aid Training Organisations (FOFATO) represent over 400 first aid training providers throughout the UK. A FOFATO member displays you meet a level of due diligence with regards to training standards.

Skills Tranning Group

You’ll receive the Skills Training Group – First Aid Certified badge which you can display on your website or marketing material to demonstrate your investment in first aid skills for your staff.

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